Longest. Week. Ever.

There’s a request of my NY-area readers at the end of this, but first, the preamble.

“Life, she is a roller coaster; for every thrilling dip, there is an uphill slog.”

I just made that sagacious little quote up, because it pretty much sums up last week. Long story short, we’ve squashed the Bloomfield house search – several reasons, among them the lack of full-day kindergarten, which we didn’t realize until AFTER our bid was beaten on the one house – and for now, the overall housing search itself. Turns out fate had a Plan D we didn’t know about. Details another time, maybe, but suffice to say it was an unexpected deepening of an ongoing plot. In the movies, it’s the “Oh, shit!” moment when you realize a supporting character is actually at the center of the story.

Anyway, among many other changes, we’re staying put in the current Bronx homestead, and need to get Isaac into Kindergarten. Unfortunately, his zoned school is full, 17 kids over capacity actually, and he’s facing being bussed over to PS 54, which by all indications is a pretty lousy school. Not that his zoned school is all that hot, either, but it’s like the difference between the 3rd and 4th Batman movies.

So, all of you savvy, connected NYers reading this blog, I need to know one of two things: 1) Reasonable kindergarten alternatives that aren’t Catholic schools; or 2) a BoE hookup that can pull some strings to either get him into his zoned school (PS 8), PS 280 (Bronx, near the Reservoir Oval), or PS 75 (West End & 96th, my alma mater).

Holla if ya hear me!

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2 thoughts on “Longest. Week. Ever.

  1. Hey there! I’m feelin’ you on the house issue. Damn, it seems as if we’re going toe for toe.

    Good luck on the working out.


  2. Now that we are in the English equivelent of Flatbush Avenue, alls I can say is…

    have you contemplated the homeschool/unschool issue?

    The past month has demonstrated to me in no uncertain terms that the British hate children. For this reason, I am now looking askance at all these “superior services” – such as healthcare, education etc.

    In the hosuing front, alls i can say is – gimme as much square footage for the pound – I’ll work out all the rest later.

    Much love and sprinkling whatever good luck I have on you.

    Peace bro.

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