Buzzscope Preview: Skyscrapers of the Midwest #2

If you follow this site at all, you know that when I come across an indie comic I love, I pimp the hell out of it! 100 Girls, Fade From Grace, Western Tales of Terror and Elk’s Run have all received an extra helping of rave reviews from me for being superlative examples of great comic books. I’ve even given away free copies of some of them to ensure they get into the hands of potential fans.

A while back, in January’s Indie Spotlight, I raved about another comic, Joshua W. Cotter’s Skyscrapers of the Midwest, a completely random discovery while browsing the indie racks at Midtown one day, saying: “Cotter beautifully communicates the raw emotion and vivid imagination of childhood, both in his words and his woodcut-style art.”

Well, Cotter’s back with his second issue, and it’s arguably better than his award-winning first effort! I’ll be reviewing it for Buzzscope next week, but I just posted a preview & interview for it to whet people’s appetites. Check it out and then tell your retailer tomorrow to order it for you, if they weren’t savvy enough to have already picked up on it. It’s from AdHouse books, the fine folks who published the extraordinary Project: Superior anthology as well as the Free Comic Book Day standout, Superior Showcase.

House of M? Blah! Infinite Crisis? Yawn! Throw your pull list for a loop with something different…check out Skyscrapers of the Midwest #2.

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