Buzzscope Reviews: 6/15/05

Batman Begins: The Official Movie Adaptation
While hitting all of the major plot points, there are several moments where Nolan must have altered the script during shooting to tighten things up that Beatty obviously wasn’t privy to, completely ruining its function as an “official” adaptation of the movie and making its very existence ultimately pointless.

Black Diamond On Ramp
While the concept itself has potential, there’s not much in this slight introduction to suggest that Young will pull it off thanks to its Marvel-style decompression and lack of any emotional connection to the lead character.

GI Joe: America’s Elite #0
With Casey and Caselli at the creative controls, and a “one year later” storyline to ease any continuity concerns, as $0.25 introductions go, this is a pretty good one that doesn’t merely rely on superficial nostalgia.

NYC Mech: Beta Love #2
Sometimes…a comic book comes along that connects with you on a subliminal level, tickling parts of your brain in ways that defy critical analysis and simply leaves you gushing like a mindless fanboy. NYC Mech: Beta Love is that kind of comic book.

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