Going Back to ‘ginia…

I don’t think so!

It is nice to get away to, though. We haven’t gotten all that much more sleep than usual but we’re definitely a lot more relaxed.

Being here makes me want a backyard the way people without kids want their own after babysitting for a few hours. Except I know better! The kids love it, though, and have been having a blast running around outside and playing in the kiddie pool. My parents (no, I’m not doing the whole “mother and step-father” thing as he’s as much my father, if not more so, than bio-dad) took them to a pond to feed the ducks yesterday. I’m teaching Isaac to hit a baseball and he took to it pretty quickly, getting some real good hacks in. Figure in 18 years or so, he’ll sign a nice fat contract with the Mets and buy us a little bungalow down in Miami.

We went to King’s Dominion yesterday and had a ball. Like a miniature Great Adventure where you spend more time on the rides than walking between them or waiting on lines. Ended a long day with a couple of hours on the water rides, including the soothing Lazy River, which was a nice counterpoint to the brutal Flight of Fear roller coaster that nearly ripped our heads from their respective shoulders!

Tonight, we’re being treated to a nice seafood dinner before heading off to catch Batman Begins. Again. It was that good! Even Salomé liked it enough to see it twice. This could be a repeat of 1989 when I ended up buying a full-body costume!

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