COMMENT: One Year Later Changes

DC’s full slate of “One Year Later” changes has been announced, and there’s a few series that might have a shot at getting back on my pull list.

BATMAN #651 New creative team! Written by James Robinson Art by Don Kramer & Keith Champagne Cover by Simone Bianchi
DETECTIVE COMICS #817 New creative team! Written by James Robinson Art by Leonard Kirk & Andy Clarke Cover by Simone Bianchi

This might get me back, especially if it’s Jason Todd under the cowl!

ROBIN #148 New creative team! Written by Adam Beechen Art by Karl Kerschl Cover by Ed McGuinness & Dexter Vines

This became unreadable after War Games, so I’m hoping to be able to add it back to my pull list.

TEEN TITANS #34 New roster of heroes! Written by Geoff Johns Art and cover by Tony Daniel & Sandra Hope Variant cover by Ed Benes

Looking forward to reading this again, too, though I was hoping Johns would move on and let someone else take it over. Scott Beatty would be perfect on this, I think. Hopefully Son of Vulcan joins the team, as hinted at in his grossly underrated mini-series.

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