Buzzscope: Speakeasy Shakes Things Up

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In the Scope: Speakeasy Shakes Things Up
Diamond’s stricter policy on pre-orders causing ripples throughout the industry

“The independent comic books are just not selling well right now (look at many peoples’ sales),” [Speakeasy publisher, Adam] Fortier conceded. “Printers are changing their policies, Diamond is changing their policies; it means we have to think outside the box and offer alternatives.”

Second only to my Charlie Huston interview and tagging Rich Watson for a column as my favorite contribution to Buzzscope to-date, though it may be a tad bit rambly as it all came together really late last night and it’s self-edited, rarely a good thing. Let me know what you think, here and/or there.

3 thoughts on “Buzzscope: Speakeasy Shakes Things Up

  1. Yer getting some Engine love for it.

    You already know I think you win. This is a strong peice, and timely, since I was just talking the other day some Speakeasy goss with some of the folks who used to have books there.

  2. God, I hate to get all geek-stupid about this stuff, but allow me a moment here…

    Warren Ellis: “That’s a strong piece.

    If nothing else, I’m hoping that this leads to a more muscular journalism from Buzzscope.”

    I’m only a casual Ellis fan and have mixed feelings about The Engine, but damn if that doesn’t make me grin like a gibbering idiot. 🙂

    BTW, I was tempted to contact Abbinanti, but I had to edit out a good three pages of stuff as it was! Be curious to hear his thoughts on the recent developments.

  3. Starfucker 😉

    If you do a follow up, talk to Mike San Giacomo too. He has something brewing there, which may actually have to go to another publisher I’m thinking. He seems to have some experience in that realm, what with the whole Phantom Jack (that was the name right) bidness with Epic and then Image.

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