Late-night Journalism?

I hesitate to call it journalism – though I guess, technically, it is – but last night I wrote up what is now my second favorite contribution to Buzzscope, surpassed only by my Charlie Huston interview (primarily because that was in person and over beers).

Check it out:

In the Scope: Speakeasy Shakes Things Up
Diamond’s stricter policy on pre-orders causing ripples throughout the industry

“The independent comic books are just not selling well right now (look at many peoples’ sales),” [Speakeasy publisher, Adam] Fortier conceded. “Printers are changing their policies, Diamond is changing their policies; it means we have to think outside the box and offer alternatives.”

I’m still kind of blown away how this whole comic book thing started off as such a lark, but barely a year later, I’m getting at least as much creative satisfaction from it as I did from my first couple of years on the poetry scene. And unlike poetry, I can actually see it leading somewhere. Where, exactly, I don’t know…but certainly something more than a week at the National Poetry Slam and the potential 15 seconds of fame that comes with a victory there.

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