COMMENT: Newsarama Interview with JQ

Last week, Newsarama did an extra holiday edition of their Joe Fridays weekly interview with Joe Quesada. During the interview the following came up:

NRAMA: “When do the events in Spider-Man: The Other, Secret War, and House of M happen in relation to one another?”

JQ: Actually, we have this listed somewhere but it’s now 3:45AM and I can’t think straight. Not copping out on you but lets get back to this question next week and I’ll have the info handy.”

Two thoughts came to me immediately after reading this.

1st: I’d like to see if, and how the hell he explains this one. “Well, we started Secret War two years ago with the idea that it’s happening in roughly the same time as The Other, but before House of M.” You know if this gets answered it’ll be some BS story about how it was all planned out from the beginning, a la Iceman getting his powers back already. (If I was an X-fan, I’d be pissed off at how Marvel handled that.)

2nd: Why doesn’t JQ came out and say what he really thinks? It’s probably along the lines of, “Back off f#*%ers. Do you like the stories? Does it really matter when each is set? If the stories and art are good, who cares. You should be glad we’re putting something together that is actually worth $3.99 an issue. So what, the stories contradict one another? If I don’t care, neither should you. Now go buy the newest variant cover for The Other.”

Now if we got a response like that, I’d really respect the guy.

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