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NOTE: We’re slowly making the no-longer-secret shift back to PopCultureShock official, so please update your links and bookmarks accordingly:

Finally dug out from under the NY Comic-Con/Speakeasy-induced backlog last night and, excepting Comics You Should Own (which will be back on track this Friday), we’re all caught up. A quick recap for those of you who don’t regularly check in over there:

Discord #2: NY Comic-Con
NYC Mech‘s Ivan Brandon returns almost a year later, with the second installment of his Discord column, his take on the NY Comic-Con, along with some great pictures, including a few from our after-party.

(Also, check out the Buzz Blog for our coverage of various panels and events at the Con.)

Charlie Huston Talks Ultimates, Moon Knight
Violating my no-fluff rule for interviews just a bit, I check in with Charlie Huston, who was announced at NYCC as the writer of this year’s Ultimates Annual, featuring Captain America and the Falcon on a road trip, beating up the KKK! How could I resist?

Comics by the Numbers: January 2006
I love numbers, which is why I recruited Kurt Addams for his monthly analysis of comics’ sales figures. Not nearly as comprehensive as the Pulse’s sales analysis columns, by design, it’s also not as dry as those, making for much more interesting reading for the casual fan.

Fangirl Rampage #4: Kristine Pereira
Lauren Perry’s semi-monthly interviews with female comics fans has been a big hit for us, routinely in the top 5 for most viewed articles every month. Always an interesting read.

Johnny Bacardi’s New Comics Revue: March 2006
It’s been interesting how reviews went from representing a significant percentage of our content most of last year, to being virtually non-existent so far in 2006. Bringing Johnny Bacardi onboard is the first step towards rectifying that situation.

Read This Way #3: The Otaku Scene at NY Comic-Con
Most of the coverage of NYCC I’ve seen has focused on western comics, so I’m thrilled that we have Tania Del Rio in the mix, taking a look at how well manga was represented at the show, and offering her own perspective on how things went down.

Peripheral Images #2: Kupperman’s Thrizzle
Our resident “underground” columnist, Jenny Gonzalez, checks in with an interview with Michael Kupperman of Tales Designed to Thrizzle fame. Funny to note how, despite the “underground” label, Kupperman’s got a higher profile than most of the so-called fan favorites, with his work appearing in The New Yorker, Wall Street Journal and the NY Press.

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4 thoughts on “Buzzscope / PopCultureShock Update

  1. I used to be an avid reader of Buzzscope, however, since the change was made to “popcultureshock” my office’s internet watcher blocks the site; is there any other way to read the columns posted?

  2. Really? That’s odd. Wonder if Charlie Huston’s foul mouth has gotten us blocked! LOL!

    Seriously, though, is there a reason given, like “adult” or “nudity” or something like that? I’ve had that problem with a few comics blogs every now and then, too.

    When the relaunch is complete, we will have RSS feeds available to almost all of our content.

  3. That’s great news Guy, I hope I can get to read at least the new feed.

    The only reason given is: “R Rated”

  4. R rated? PG-13, maybe, but R is pushing it! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be sure to announce when the RSS feeds are live.

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