Mark Your Calendar: Kids’ Comic Con

A kid-centric comic convention, in the Bronx?!?! Alex Simmons is my hero!

Kid’s Comic Con Slated for the Bronx

Known for his work as a writer of comics, prose and plays as well as an ongoing series of popular kids comics workshops held around New York City, Alex Simmons announced plans to hold the first Kid’s Comic Con on the campus of the Bronx Community College, April 28. The first Kids’ Comic Con will feature a variety of entertaining events and demonstrations on comics aimed at kids as well as workshops and exhibits focused on using comics as an educational tool for parents, teachers and librarians…

The one-day event will feature a Kid’s Corner, where kids can create their own comics; workshops for educators and on drawing for aspiring young cartoonists. There will be exhibits of original art and demonstrations and portfolio reviews by industry professionals. The guest list includes a wide range of comics professionals, among them artists Eric Battle (The Spectre, Batman and Tarzan), Jamal Ingle (Firestorm and Nightwing), Jerry Craft (Momma’s Boyz), writer/creator Jane Fisher (WHJC!) and comics editors Joan Hilty, Michael Wright (DC Comics) and Jim Salicrup (Papercutz). Also participating are comics historian Prof. William Foster, novelist and comics industry expert Danny Fingeroth; colorist Chris Sotomayer and many others. The event is receiving organizational support from Bronx Community College; Maurice White and Yumi Odum, organizers of Philadelphia’s East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC); Diamond Comics and from the Museum for Comic and Cartoon Art.

On the now requisite marketing note, it’s unfortunate that there’s no web presence at all for this event yet beyond the PW article and one on Scoop, but there’s still time, so I’m going to offer whatever assistance I can give to Simmons now.

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