Testing Smashwords with my Free eBook #wdc09

I had the pleasure of attending the first Writer’s Digest Conference last weekend and had a blast. Great presenters; great insights; a fun time at the least pretentious poetry slam I’ve ever been part of that didn’t involve teenagers.

Work’s been crazy the past couple of weeks with some exciting transition happening, but I do intend to do a proper #wdc09 post over on loudpoet.com when I get the time. (ha!) Last night, though, inspired by one of Jane Friedman’s presentations, I decided to finally test out Smashwords and uploaded a short echapbook of newish and old poems called Crazy White Devil, also the title of the first poem in the book and the last full poem I wrote, back in late 2007. It’s a mix of some of my better-known poems like Breathless and Running Bases, and newer ones like Old New York Love Story.

The process was pretty simple, fast, and the while the final result is far from a thing beauty, the file is now available in a number of electronic formats. For free!

Check it out here: http://smashwords.com/b/4131

Next step, turning “free” into 1,000 true fans!

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