What a Week

My first week at the new job was a whirlwind that has left me physically and mentally exhausted, not to mention off the internet for most of the week, but I’m feeling oddly energized at the same time.  By today at 5pm it still had that “new job” smell — helped quite a bit by my adding a few personal touches to my first real office space (as opposed to cubicle) since American Express — and I’m looking forward to shifting into high gear next week with a two-day trip up to Boston to tackle the biggest of the three titles I’m now in charge of. It’s still a weird feeling being a “Director”, but it’s a job I felt I was ready for when I was still working in marketing, well before I’d made my first sale as a rep, so I’m ready to jump in with both feet.

My third to trip to Cincinnati earlier this week once again found me sticking to the suburbs, so I’ve yet to see the city itself except for from the highway. I’m hoping to time my next trip out there to catch a baseball game, which would finally get me downtown while also being my first major league game at a park other than Shea or Yankee Stadium. The Cubs and Marlins are in town in early May…

Speaking of baseball, this weekend kicks off the start of the Little League “preseason” with tomorrow’s draft and Sunday’s distribution of uniforms. There’s at least 4 kids that I know of who are coming back from last season who I’ll have on my team this year, including Isaac, and I’m hoping to snag the Mets but will take the Marlins again, if not. Tomorrow night I’ll have to whip up the first team newsletter, too. With all of the park renovations taking place in the Bronx as part of the deal for building a water filtration plant somewhere nobody wanted it, the field we played on last year won’t be available but presumably they’ll have finalized the location and schedule by tomorrow so I can include it in the first issue.

On top of all that, the house purchase continues to move forward as we’re waiting to hear back from the seller about the results of the inspection and the things he’ll need to take care of, as well as the status of our mortgage application, possibly held up a bit by my having to request a new DD 214 to prove my veteran status for the VA loan. Turned out I only had my National Guard discharge papers, as I vaguely recall filing my original DD 214 in Miami where I thought I was going to stay when I got off active duty back in 1993. That lasted a whole three weeks before falling apart, but that’s another story for another day.

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