On The Shelves: 11/29/06

Reading is fundamental. Don't waste your time reading bad comics out of habit! My weekly, semi-informed look at select comic books being released Wednesday, 11/29/06 follows. The full shipping is list available at ComicList. [NOTE: Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores. If your LCBS offers a pre-ordering service, be sure … Continue reading On The Shelves: 11/29/06

On The Shelves: 3/22/06

Support GOOD Comics! Try something new EVERY month...or not. Who cares? Between Blogger and Gmail's sporadic outages the past week or so, and some behind-the-scenes dustups that are really testing my patience for this labor of love shit, I'm feeling rather jaded and cynical these days. That's a bad combination, but there's light at the … Continue reading On The Shelves: 3/22/06

On the Shelves: 3/15/06

Support GOOD Comics! Try something new EVERY month! Check out the Independents' Day Campaign, a rallying cry for comics fans to...you guessed it -- TRY SOMETHING NEW: "This coming New Comics Day, give up your copy of Teen Titans and New X-Men and consider instead Femforce, Hero Squared, GI Joe America's Elite or Starship Troopers … Continue reading On the Shelves: 3/15/06

COMMENT: Late-night Speakeasy Musings

I haven't had the time to really follow up on the whole Speakeasy situation myself, but I have been tracking the comics blogosphere which refuses to let the story die, including this rather humorous addition: Speakeasy Comics Archives, wherein a Jonathan Martin is attempting to pull together everything relating to the company's current woes. (CBR … Continue reading COMMENT: Late-night Speakeasy Musings

eBay is evil! Like the internet that shelters it, it is one of the roots of all evil and people with addictive or competitive personalities should stay far, far away from it. People like me, for example. It all started so innocently this morning, when I found myself searching the internet for my favorite Yankee … Continue reading

Five things I want for Father's Day: 1. Fool On the Hill 1ST Edition Signed, from Powells.com 2. Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, and anything else on my Amazon.com wish list. 3. Gift Card from Midtown Comics. 4. A 2004 Mini Cooper S. 5. El Nopalito Boutique & Restaurant in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. (pictured)