Marketing Should be Fun(damental)

Marketers have spammed, lied, deceived, cluttered and ripped us off for so long, we’re sick of it. –Seth Godin I love coaching Little League baseball. This is my son’s third year playing and I’ve been fortunate enough to coach his team each year, experiencing first-hand the beauty of playing baseball for no other reason than […]

What I’m Good At

In the 4th or 5th Grade, my teacher made me promise her that I’d never become a teacher when I grew up. Her request wasn’t made out of malice — it wasn’t until High School when I had any teachers who simply didn’t like me, a couple justifiably so — but based on her own experience and out […]

What a Week

My first week at the new job was a whirlwind that has left me physically and mentally exhausted, not to mention off the internet for most of the week, but I’m feeling oddly energized at the same time.  By today at 5pm it still had that “new job” smell — helped quite a bit by my adding a few personal touches to […]

Spring Cleaning

I spent the morning updating the backends of this site and Spindle’s — WordPress 2.3.3 and Joomla 1.0.15, respectively — as well as a number of the plug-ins and modules that had new updates released recently, and finally found a new WP template I liked better than my previous one which had a couple of cosmetic bugs I never could figure […]